Welcome to the future. Be part of a retail revolution. Be part of Suguna Daily Fressh. Suguna Daily Fressh is a chain of high-quality, modern air-conditioned futuristic retail stores. Operating on a dealership model, Suguna Daily Fressh

Suguna Daily Fressh
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Suguna Daily Fressh - Overview

Welcome to the future. Be part of a retail revolution. Be part of Suguna Daily Fressh.

Suguna Daily Fressh is a chain of high-quality, modern futuristic retail stores, operating on a Franchisee model. This chain of stores caters to the need of consumers who are looking for good quality and hygienic meat products.

Suguna Daily Fressh offers a unique shopping experience. With an elegant ambience, these modern retail stores are aesthetically pleasing and are annexed with efficient storage facilities. The store is equipped with stainless steel work stations including upstanding storage units, precise cutting and packing machines, display freezer & chiller and automatic weighing machines.

Store description

Store description
The Storage unit efficiently maintains an optimum temperature helping to retain the freshness of the products. The pre-cleaned chicken is cut with a precision machines facilitating quick and effective service.

Suguna Daily Fressh conforms to the highest level in hygiene and food safety. Chicken retailed here is export quality and meets international quality standards.

Ensuring Quality

Suguna Daily Fressh chilled chicken comes from their modern processing units located in Udumalpet, Belgaum and Chandigarh SDF stores are located in and around here and supplied only from Udumalpet plant. No SDF stores started in other locations where Belgaum and Chandigarh plant is located. The HACCP certified plant in Udumalpet is monitored by the Export Inspection Agency (EIA). The processing line has been imported from Meyn Food Processing Technology, Netherlands, leader in the design and manufacture of such machinery. This ensures superior quality at every stage. Suguna’s processing plant has among the most modern and technologically advanced processing operations in the country with a processing capacity of 82800 average birds per day (inclusive of all the three plants). The plant operates using Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) as determined by the HACCP requirements. The chicken products are halal cut, cleaned and portioned in hygienic conditions untouched by hand. Every batch undergoes meticulous quality control tests before being approved for dispatch. The quick chilled chicken is then transported to Suguna Daily Fressh stores in reefer trucks ensuring quality at its best.

Suguna’s high quality chilled chicken product range includes:

Whole chicken Drumstick
Curry cut Lollipop
Boneless breast Marinated Lollipop
Marinated Drumstick Chicken Chilli Chicken

Suguna’s high quality frozen chicken product range includes:

Whole chicken skin on with giblets Whole chicken skin on without giblets
Whole chicken skinless Wings
Curry cut – skin on & skin less Minced meat
Boneless breast Liver, Gizzard, Heart and Neck
Chicken cocktail sausage Janatha chicken
Chicken salami Whole leg skin on & skinless
Marinated lollipop Whole leg skin less
Marinated curry cut
(Chilly chicken style)
Drumstick skin on & skinless

Suguna’s high quality frozen Mutton product range includes:

Mutton Curry Cut Mutton Biryani Cut
Minced Meat Mutton Boneless

Suguna’s Value Added Eggs includes:

Suguna Active Suguna Heart
Suguna Pro Suguna Shakti
We are energizing rural India and are proud to say that our vision has come a long way. Today, suguna reaches the height of 8700+ crores turnover.
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Suguna Daily Fressh
Suguna Daily Fressh is changing the way consumers shopped for poultry meat by providing a unique retail experience in a clean and hygienic environment.
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Since inception in 1984, Suguna has a successful journey in the poultry segment. Learn about the important milestones in Suguna’s journey.
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Processing Plant
Suguna’s processing plant is amongst the most modern and technologically advanced units in India with an operational capacity to process 3600 birds per day and 1500 metric tonnes per month.
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