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Suguna Management

Managing Director,
Suguna Foods Private Limited

Mr.G.B.Sundararajan has been the Managing Director of Suguna Foods Private Limited since its inception. His brother, Mr.B.Soundararajan is Chairman. Together, they set up Suguna Foods Private Limited in 1984 and grown it into Indiaís largest poultry enterprise with a turnover of Rs. 8700+ crores in FY 2019-20.

The entrepreneurs hail from a teacherís family at Udumalpet, near Coimbatore and have a strong agricultural background. Mr. Soundararajan started his career as a trader for egg and poultry feed in the year 1985 with an investment of Rs 5000. In 1986, the business expanded, and the brothers set up a poultry farm with 200 egg laying birds (layers). In 1988, they set up Suguna's first feed mill to meet the feed requirements of the neighborhood poultry farmers. In 89-90 however, the poultry prices collapsed due to an oversupply of birds in the local market. The farmers were unable to meet their payments, so the entrepreneurs had to realize their dues in kind. They continued to supply feed and medicines in return for the end product ie eggs. Out of this was born the idea of contract farming. The two entrepreneurs worked with poultry farmers who had the infrastructure, by providing the chicks and feed. The farmer reared the birds and returned them to Suguna in return for a growing charge. Through building personal relationships with the farmers and winning their trust, Suguna was able to go from strength to strength, today becoming a world class poultry enterprise with an annual turnover of Rs 8700+ crores.

Mr B.Soundararajan is a visionary who foresaw the potential of growth in poultry integration (organized contract farming) and practiced it since 1990. The secret of Suguna’s success lies not only in its innovative model but the personal relationship which the promoters built with the farmers. Unlike many other multinational companies which tried unsuccessfully, Suguna saw the farmers as partners and as the most important stakeholder. The promoters addressed grass root problems firsthand. As Suguna’s activities began to expand beyond Tamil Nadu, the company began receiving invitations from state governments who saw the impact of rural development in areas where Suguna had its operations. From this was born the vision of energizing rural India.

Mr Soundararajan is a patron of technology and innovation. Using European standards and facilities as benchmarks, he actively applies technology to expand Suguna’s infrastructure and operations in India. R&D and quality control is a strong focus at Suguna. True visionary that he is, Mr Soundararajan spearheads projects and capital expansion to meet future growth requirements and trends. India’s largest fully automated feedmill at Hoskote and India’s most advanced Environmentally controlled commercial broiler sheds at Madurai are two examples of Suguna’s vision.

Coupled with a strong vision is a dedicated professional approach, Mr Soundararajan ably charted and led Suguna’s growth from Rs. 7 crores in 1997 to over Rs. 8700+ crores by 12. To manage this astounding growth, Mr Soundararajan realized the need to bring in professional management. Suguna is a completely professionally managed company with an able team of Directors and General Managers who independently head the divisions with the help of a strong team of professional and motivated workforce. Today, Suguna’s robust structure well equips it to handle over 42,000 farmers, 2 lakh channel partners and 7500+ of employees.

Mr Soundararajan was recognized for his contribution and achievements and awarded the Best Entrepreneur and influential people by Business today and CII (Confederation of Indian industry)

Under his able leadership, Suguna Poultry Farm Limited won the National Productivity Council Awards 7 times successively, since 1994-95 and won the Best Asian Poultry Company in 2008.

We are energizing rural India and are proud to say that our vision has come a long way. Today, suguna reaches the height of 8700+ crores turnover.
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