Started in the year 1984, Suguna Foods Private Limited is India’s largest poultry enterprise with a turnover of 2030 crores in 2007-08. Suguna’s pioneering efforts in contract Farming have helped thousands of farmers to grow along with the company. Managing Director Mr. B.Soundararajan and Joint Managing Director Mr. G.B. Sundararajan head the group.

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Corporate profile

Celebrating a 8700+ crore achievement

Started in the year 1984, Suguna Foods Private Limited is India’s largest poultry enterprise with a turnover of  Rs. 8700+ crores in 2019-20. Suguna’s pioneering efforts in contract Farming have helped thousands of farmers to grow along with the company. Chairman Mr.B.Soundararajan and Managing Director Mr.G.B.Sundararajan head the group.

Suguna currently operates in 18 states working with 42,000 farmers, 2 lakh channel partners and 7500+ employees. At the heart of Suguna’s success lies the vision of energizing rural India.

Energising Rural India

Suguna Foods Private Limited has drafted a new success saga with a vision to strengthen the backbone of the Indian economy. The organization has focused on reaching out to rural India through its innovative and sustainable business model, reaching out to the rural segment of the poultry farming community. Reaching out to embrace new ideologies that will help Suguna set trends in our areas of expertise. At Suguna, we firmly believe that in reaching out, we will be able to nurture a more holistic growth.

Suguna's Core business activities

Suguna imports the grandparent birds from Lohmann in Germany, the best in layers. State-of-the-art hatcheries, quality feed and best farm management practices ensure the highest quality broiler chicken. Suguna is the first poultry company to implement end to end ERP system for poultry business management.

Suguna has commissioned own feedmills and soya plants as part of its backward integration in the poultry value chain. Extending its forward integration is Suguna’s entry into retail through its Daily Fressh outlets. Suguna is well known for its range of high quality products that include chicken, value added eggs and naturally processed frozen and chilled chicken.

Suguna in Broiler Production

Suguna has become the household name in the broiler chicken industry. Suguna stands first in broiler production in India (and 4th in the world by volume). Suguna Foods Private Limited revolutionized the Indian poultry industry through contract farming. Suguna Chicken, is a highly trusted brand name offering high quality, nutritious, hygienic and affordable broiler chicken.

Suguna in Layers industry

Suguna offers day old Layer chicks and pullets to Indian farmers who prefer more number of saleable eggs and layers that are highly efficient in gram feed per egg, and adaptable to different environmental conditions with high livability. The chick is a white-egg layer and as such highly suitable for cages, deep litter, aviary and free-range management.

Global Partners of Suguna

Suguna partnered with Lohmann of Germany for Layer grandparents. Lohmann is today the world's Number one Primary Breeding Company for Layers under the umbrella of Erich Wesjohann Group of Companies headquartered in Cuxhaven, German.

Suguna Anytime Frozen chicken

Suguna exports frozen chicken products, under the Suguna Anytime brand to Middle East, where they are well received and have a good presence. Suguna's products are processed in a modern processing plant near Udumalpet which is HACCP certified and abides the international standards based on Total Quality Management (TQM) system with strict compliance to hygiene and inspection requirements and adopting the traditional halal technique. Suguna Anytime frozen chicken is also available domestically in all metros.

Suguna Daily Fressh

Suguna Daily Fressh is Suguna’s latest venture comprising a chain of high-quality retail stores which retail fresh hygienic ready to cook chicken and as well as speciality eggs, mutton and seafood. These stores provide a novel and hygienic buying experience for our discerning customers. One can get choice portions of fresh chicken and also ready-to-cook items at these outlets, which incorporate hygienic storage and packing.

Suguna Branded eggs

Suguna offers a range of value added eggs fortified with special natural nutrients, catering to the nutritional and health requirements of various groups of people. Suguna Heart enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E has up to 50% lower cholesterol than ordinary table eggs and helps maintain a healthy heart. Suguna Active, enriched with DHA, Organic Selenium, and Vitamin E is particularly good for children and teens as DHA assists in brain development and improving eyesight. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and is good for the skin and has anti ageing properties. Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained from the diet. Organic Selenium is good for maintaining overall health and preventing certain types of diseases and is more efficiently absorbed by the body than inorganic sources. Suguna Pro is enriched with protein and vitamins (Lutein and Zeanxthinin). The high protein in Suguna Pro helps build and repair the cells in muscles and other body tissues. Vitamin A is helpful for healthy skin and good vision. Additionally Lutein an important pigment in Suguna pro prevents macular degeneration and cataract of eyes. Calcium & Phosphorus helps in formation of bones and teeth. Suguna Shakti shares similar nutrients as Suguna Pro and is of smaller size.

Suguna has enjoyed a strong business growth through its innovative business model and unstinted efforts at giving high quality products and ensuring value for the customer. The changing demographic profile of India, increasing urbanization and the empowerment of rural India will add millions of new families to the economic mainstream. The company is well positioned to service this ever growing demand for poultry products in India and the world.

Suguna Home Bites – Home Meal Replacement

The Home Meal Replacement foods under the brand name “Suguna Home Bites” has a range of heat and eat entrée and main meals as well as a range of dried ready to eat chicken snacks, sausages and salamis.


We are energizing rural India and are proud to say that our vision has come a long way. Today, suguna reaches the height of 8700+ crores turnover.
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Energizing Rural India
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Creating Values
Through backward and forward integration, from owning grandparent, parent and breeder farms, to state of the art hatcheries and feed mills, Suguna ensures its farmers get the best quality chicks, medicine and feed.
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