With Suguna, you can expect complete support to help you achieve optimum performance. As a leader in the Indian poultry industry, Suguna has amassed a wealth of information. This abundant knowledge is shared with farmers in many ways…

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With Suguna, you can expect complete support to help you achieve optimum performance. As a leader in the Indian poultry industry, Suguna has amassed a wealth of information. This abundant knowledge is shared with farmers in many ways and helps you achieve the best of your efforts.

As a continuous process, you are provided with timely and regular support. Suguna helps you manage and implement poultry best practices, provides continuous training and education along with access to health services and efficient feed & nutrition management.

Poultry Best Practices

Suguna guides and assists its farmers regularly on Poultry Best Practices. Right from setting up your poultry farm to managing at a day-to-day level, you can be assured of expert guidance at all times. The Poultry Best Practice helps effectively manage all aspects of your farm and bird rearing comprising of water / sanitation and hygiene factors, litter / floor and ventilation management, lighting, feed management, temperature management, brooding management, grower and finisher management. As a farmer these factors provide you the benefit of optimum productivity.


Training is a continuous learning process. At Suguna, efforts are in place to provide you with adequate training and education. The training imparted to you is developed with a holistic approach. The training programs focus on all aspects of poultry rearing and management. These programs help you achieve good hygiene standards, control mortality rates, disease prevention, reduced production costs and feed conversion ratio (FCR), bird, shed and environmental management along with creating awareness of the latest innovations in the poultry industry.

Training is imparted through regular field visits by Suguna’s experienced personnel and also through group training sessions conducted as part of Suguna’s farmer communications program. In addition, our international partners visiting India also give seminars and workshops to Suguna farmers sharing valuable insights and best practices as a result of their extensive R&D and experiences from worldwide clients.

Health Services

Suguna's expert team of veterinarians and poultry nutrition experts provide you with various health services at regular intervals. Suguna’s health services are driven from a central monitoring unit. The team works to deliver preventive vaccination and medicine schedules as a continuous practice. Preventive health services are delivered through regional and operational heads who will assist you in effective implementation. Suguna’s experts will closely work with you through field staff to identify potential threats and address all health related issues on a regular basis. In addition, the health services team is well equipped to perform quality tests on all incoming vaccines and chemicals. This ensures that you receive medicines that are safe and of high quality.

Suguna also partners with leading veterinary sciences institutions. Through university alliances, Suguna jointly undergoes training programs, effective investigation of outbreaks, lab utilization, consultancy and works on pilot projects. As a farmer, this gives you complete support from not just Suguna’s team of experts but also experts from leading universities.

Feed & Nutrition

Similar to human development, the dietary requirements of the birds vary throughout the life cycle particularly in the early development stages. The dietary requirements will eventually reflect upon the overall development of the bird. Hence, feed becomes the most important factor in any poultry operation.

Suguna invests heavily to address this requirement. With over 50 feed mills and quality assurance laboratories, Suguna ensures regular and quality supply of feed to farmers across the country. The raw materials & finished products are processed and analysed using latest technology and practices. Formulations are carefully designed by experts to fulfill various needs - environmental, age and productivity conditions.

The feed division provides additional support offering technical, mechanical and analytical help to feed plants, farmers and suppliers of raw materials. This is followed-up with regular visits to farms and manufacturing units to address practical issues and enhance optimum production.

Suguna’s team of highly qualified poultry nutritionists and veterinarians at every step actively contribute to ensure high quality nutrients are dispatched through every batch and bag of feed supplied. At Suguna, quality commitment and consistency are always at the forefront.

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