Since its beginnings in 1984, Suguna has pioneered the art of poultry integration in India. Suguna’s vision of ‘Energising Rural India’ has successfully made inroads reaching over 42,000 farmers like you.

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Since its beginnings in 1984, Suguna has pioneered the art of poultry integration in India. Suguna’s vision of ‘Energising Rural India’ has successfully made inroads reaching over 42,000 farmers like you.

With innovative products and timely response to market demands, Suguna has earned itself a strong reputation among farmers and consumers. Operations in 18 states, a network of 25,000 traders, and tens of thousands of retailers ensure your produce reaches the end consumer farm fresh and hygienic. The reach is further increased with the launch of Suguna Daily Fressh retail outlets catering to the needs of the contemporary urban consumer.

Today, Suguna is not only the largest poultry group in India, but also one among the largest in the world. Suguna has proved that every state in India is fit for poultry operations with its presence in 18 states through broiler integration. Suguna has touched lakhs of rural households energizing their life with the innovative business model of contract farming. Impressed by Suguna’s success, several heads of state have invited Suguna to set up operations in their respective states. The model has also attracted visitors from across borders who are keen to learn from Suguna’s initiatives and success and to adopt the same in their countries.

Suguna Chicken

Suguna Chicken is known for its finest quality and taste and is available in 18 states including Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttarkhand, Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal.

Suguna Anytime - Frozen chicken

Suguna Anytime brand of frozen chicken is produced at Suguna’s modern processing plant at Udumalpet, near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Suguna Anytime is a comprehensive range of frozen portioned chicken, sausages and salami. Suguna Anytime is available at all leading supermarkets and departmental stores in cities across the country and at Suguna Daily Fressh outlets. In addition, Suguna has an exceptional track record of exporting frozen chicken to 5 countries that include Oman, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Maldives and Bhutan

Suguna Daily Fressh

Suguna Foods Pvt Ltd has a chain of over 200 retail stores in South of India under the brand name Suguna Daily Fressh. The stores retail processed chicken meat, Suguna Speciality Eggs, and milk. These stores also retail ready-to-eat and frozen chicken meat including marinated products and frozen mutton under the Suguna Anytime brand name. This business is growing consistently and is gaining more prominence given the shift of the consumer preference towards hygienic, healthy and hormone free products and is therefore poised to become a household name for quality meat in every neighbourhood.

Suguna Home Bites

Suguna Home Bites is a range of ready to eat home meal replacements from Suguna. Prepared from tender, juicy and tasty Suguna Chicken, these delicious treats give consumers the authentic taste of chicken dishes with superior nutrition. Suguna Home Bites is available at all leading super markets and departmental stores in cities across the country, including the Suguna Daily Fressh outlets.

Add to this, Suguna’s reach extends to industry leaders worldwide that helps procure raw materials and medicines of the highest quality. When you are part of Suguna, you can reap the benefits of this vast reach.

Suguna Value Added Eggs

With a serious commitment to provide extra value to consumers, Suguna has successfully launched value added table eggs in 2007. The value added eggs are available in five variants - Suguna Pro, Suguna’s first protein and vitamin enriched egg. Suguna Active and Suguna Heart followed in Jan 2008, as value added eggs with Omega 3, Vitamin E, DHA and organic Selenium. Targeting the health conscious consumers, Suguna Heart and Suguna Active addresses the needs catering to a healthy lifestyle. Suguna Active is particularly popular among kids. Suguna Nutri ensures the rich nutrition and Suguna value added eggs are well accepted by everyone in the family and have successfully reached not only different states of the country but every member in every family. Suguna eggs were initially launched in Chennai and Coimbatore and gradually expanded to Cochin, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. Suguna continues to actively increase its distributor network, and plans to soon launch in Delhi and Calcutta.

With Suguna’s reach and continuous growth, you can be sure that the market demands and supplies will be well matched.

We are energizing rural India and are proud to say that our vision has come a long way. Today, suguna reaches the height of 8700+ crores turnover.
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Suguna has created successful brands that reach the consumer in many formats. Well recognized for its quality Suguna’s brands are fast becoming a favorite of many Indian households.
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Creating Values
Through backward and forward integration, from owning grandparent, parent and breeder farms, to state of the art hatcheries and feed mills, Suguna ensures its farmers get the best quality chicks, medicine and feed.
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Institutional Sales
Suguna’s products are accepted as a standard of quality by institutional customers. Get to Know our institutional clients.
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Export enquiries
Suguna has an exceptional track record of exporting frozen chicken to 8 countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Qatar and Japan.
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