Will travel costs incurred for my interview visit be reimbursed? - Yes. Suguna reimburses the travel cost of all candidates travelling from outstation as per the company policy...

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What are the documents that I need to carry along with me for my Interview?
You need to carry photocopies of education and experience certificates.

What are the office work timings?
At Suguna, we work from 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM, with 2nd Saturday off.

Would I get opportunities to work at other Suguna Centres?
Yes, Suguna has its presence all over India, and you will be given an opportunity to work at various centres.

How will I get to know whether my resume has been short listed or rejected?
All short listed candidates are contacted through e-mail or phone.

What are the institutes you visit for campus recruitment?
Suguna visits top Veterinary colleges and Management schools and colleges across the country.

What and how is the selection process at Suguna?
A certified and trained selection panel conducts a set of tests and interviews to ensure a deserving candidate is given an opportunity to work at Suguna.

Briefly describe the Suguna work culture
At Suguna, you are ensured an exciting work-culture with full of zest and freedom. You are provided with tools to chart out your own career path, and you are encouraged to articulate your ideas regularly.

Is there any particular dress code while attending the interview?
It is essential you wear only formal wear when you are attending an interview at Suguna.

What can be the kind of career path one can expect in Suguna?
Suguna always looks for people internally for top level management positions. An employee, who joins at entry level, will be given fair opportunity to grow to top management level. Employees can grow within their area or have a cross functional growth.

We are energizing rural India and are proud to say that our vision has come a long way. Today, suguna reaches the height of 8700+ crores turnover.
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Suguna’s reach extends across 11 states in India which includes a network of over 42,000 farmers, 25,000 channel partners, suppliers of high quality raw materials and a consumer base who appreciate and savor the taste of fine chicken.
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