Suguna Vit-D is a clean, farm fresh egg that comes from the healthiest layer hens maintained in Suguna’s bio-security certified farms. We ensure that the eggs are graded, cleaned and stamped with a quality seal and packed in pulp…

Suguna value added eggs - Suguna Vit-D

Suguna Vitamin D is for all age groups and for those who have an active lifestyle and require additional nutrition.

Vitamin D refers to a group of fat-soluble vitamins responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium that promotes growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth for all age groups. People who avoid the sun or who cover their bodies with sunscreen must include a good source of Vitamin D in their diet. Vitamin D in VIT – D EGGS is enriched in a natural way.

Suguna VIT-D eggs provide 100% of your daily Vitamin D requirement with following benefits:

• Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium as it promotes growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.
• Adequate levels of Vitamin D intake reduces the risk of Osteomalacia (Softening of bones), Rickets (Bone deformity), Heart diseases, Cancer, Hypertension and Type 2 diabetes (in later ages).
• Vitamin D also plays very important role in immune function.

Nutrients Measure
Energy 135kcal
Protein 13.28 g
Total Fat 9.15 g
Vitamin D*/td> 600 IU
Phosphorus 185 mg
Calcium 49 mg

We are energizing rural India and are proud to say that our vision has come a long way. Today, suguna reaches the height of 8700+ crores turnover.
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Research & Development
Suguna’s expert team of veterinarians and nutritionists constantly ensure that the birds receive the right input to provide you with nutrition rich and healthy products.
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Suguna takes complete care to ensure you receive and savor products of the highest quality. Stringent quality measures and good manufacturing practices are the pillars of this vision.
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Corporate Social Responsibility Improving the quality of life of employees, their families, as well as the local community and society at large is a promise that Suguna is committed to fulfil in the long run.
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