At Suguna, complete care is taken to ensure that you and your family enjoy the finest poultry products. Our quality philosophy is ingrained firmly in every member of the Suguna family.

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At Suguna, complete care is taken to ensure that you and your family enjoy the finest poultry products. Our quality philosophy is ingrained firmly in every member of the Suguna family. Be it farmers, employees or suppliers, everyone’s continuously sensitized and trained to maintain the highest quality standards.

Quality processes are strictly enforced throughout the lifecycle from the farm till it reaches your plate. Our commitment is further reinstated with our investment in sophisticated technology, equipment and world class facilities. Furthermore, the chicken are carefully selected and bred in a healthy environment. The birds are fed with the most nutritious feed - rich in Maize and Soya, produced at Suguna's own feed mills. As a result, any Suguna product you buy is completely tasty and healthy.

It is in this constant endeavor to deliver quality products that Suguna is regularly launching new initiatives. Be it the retail experience at Suguna Daily Fressh, or a range of products from Suguna Anytime, Suguna Value Added Eggs and Suguna Home Bites, you can be sure of the highest quality.

Ensuring quality through Bio-security and Support

At Suguna, a lot of importance is given to bio-security and support to maintain a disease free environment for birds. Scientific bio-security measures help farmers and employees manage hygiene levels and minimize risk of pathogens.

All contract farms and facilities are governed by Good Management Practice (GMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Suguna’s field supervisors visit farms on a daily basis to evaluate the farm, feed and bird management practices. During these visits, supervisors get a hands-on experience working with farm owners/supervisors to help identify issues and address them effectively. With this, Suguna brings its vast experience of poultry integration and scientific management practices to every individual contract farm across the country.

Since hygiene is directly related to bird health, there is a strong emphasis on hygiene practices followed at all facilities and farms throughout the lifecycle. Hygiene practices include disinfecting, feed production and management, and bird management. Suguna’s team also constantly monitors the pathogen levels in the water and environment ensuring safety measures are in place. Chicks are given only treated water stored in hygienic and clean conditions. Employees and visitors to critical facilities such as hatcheries, breeder or grandparent farms have to undergo strict standard cleansing measures such as baths, disinfectant sprays, change of clothes, mask, cap and gloves.

Suguna standard practices and procedures are audited by Internal Auditing Team and have a scientific approach combined with sound management. The farms are supported by central R&D and technical management teams headed by General Managers of Health and Feed.

The Daily Fressh and Suguna Anytime chicken come from Suguna’s modern processing plant which has HACCP certification which conforms to export standards. This ensures that the chicken is processed in a very clean and hygienic manner, with the same standard disinfectant and cleansing procedures followed by plant workers as part of the bio security and hazard control measures.

Go ahead and savor your favorite Suguna Food products and be assured that you are getting the best quality.

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