Quality and Innovation has been the cornerstone of Suguna’s growth.Being a pioneer in the poultry industry in India, most of the initiatives are designed keeping you in mind...

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Quality and Innovation the cornerstones of Suguna’s growth.

Being a pioneer in the poultry industry in India, most of the initiatives are designed keeping you in mind. Suguna leaves no stone unturned to identify your needs and concerns about quality poultry meat. With significant investment of resources, Suguna ensures everyone right from farmers and suppliers to employees are well trained to maintain the highest of quality and hygiene factors.

With a vision to build great brands that are well accepted and appreciated, Suguna is constantly bringing you innovative products. Suguna’s efforts are well synchronized to offer you meaningful products that provide complete value, convenience and satisfaction.

Product range: Quick bite with Suguna Home Bites, choicest of chicken portions with Suguna Anytime, Value Added Eggs catering to the various needs of the health conscious consumer and Suguna Daily Fressh, a chain of retail outlets that are pleasing in ambience, and are hygienic and convenient for the contemporary consumer. Of course, there’s always your favorite Suguna Chicken – Younger, Tender, Better.

Go ahead, spend some time to know our brands and treat yourself to a delicious and healthy meal.

We are energizing rural India and are proud to say that our vision has come a long way. Today, suguna reaches the height of 8700+ crores turnover.
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Processing Plant
Suguna’s processing plant is amongst the most modern and technologically advanced units in India. The plant incorporates quality measures at every levels ensuring you not just get farm fresh quality but also hygienic and healthy products.
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Suguna takes complete care to ensure you receive and savor products of the highest quality. Stringent quality measures and good manufacturing practices are the pillars of this vision.
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Corporate Social Responsibility
Improving the quality of life of employees, their families, as well as the local community and society at large is a promise that Suguna is committed to fulfil in the long run.
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