By constantly investing in technology and employing best practices, Suguna has transferred potential to all its stakeholders. With quality initiatives at every step, Suguna has created value for farmers, consumers, traders, employees…

Creating Value
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Creating Value

Suguna believes in creating value for its stakeholders in everything that it does. Be it farmers, customers, traders, employees, suppliers, partners or other institutions, Suguna ensures value addition in every transaction and investment. Suguna makes a difference through processes, technology and people. Quality and innovation are core values at Suguna. And Suguna creates value in several ways, benefiting countless number of people, particularly farmers, traders, customers and employees.

Pioneering efforts by Suguna in contract farming has changed the landscape of the Indian poultry industry, and has transformed the lives of lakhs of farmers and people across Rural India. Through poultry integration, Suguna provides livelihood and assured income to thousands of farmers and also provides indirect employment, assuring a better future to lakhs of rural households.

Suguna’s success lies in building strong and loyal relationships with the farmers who are more than simply an extension of our value chain. Suguna sees them as partners, and believes strongly in our vision of Energising Rural India. Through the success of contract farming, Suguna has built up a strong and innovative business model which cannot be replicated easily.

Seeing the impact of Suguna’s initiatives on rural development, Chief Ministers of other States such as Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab and Jharkhand have approached Suguna to set up operations in their States.

Suguna successfully reduced middlemen in the poultry chain from 14 to 4. Farmers deal only with the company, and get assured returns. Suguna provides them all the inputs and in return, the farmers get a fixed growing charge which can be increased through optimizing production cost.

Suguna also bears the production and market risks, thereby protecting the livelihoods of farmers. Regardless of the market price, the farmers still get the assured growing charge, and incentives.

Suguna provides a lot of project guidance and assistance with getting finance, and provide farmers with continuous technical training in scientific poultry management practices. In some areas, farmers approach Suguna with only land, and we help them to put up a poultry farm, and then place our chicks and train the farmers to manage the birds. Our line supervisors visit the farms every day to monitor the birds and to troubleshoot problems.

To service this massive base of 42,000 farms, Suguna has invested in highly sophisticated technology and infrastructure. With state of the art hatcheries, and an advanced R&D Centre, feedmills, veterinarians, scientists, and professionals, farmers are assured of the best quality chicks, feed and professional care. Importantly, Suguna’s scientists and employees train the farmers in GMP (Good Management Practices) too. Through all these, Suguna brings tremendous value to the farmers who may otherwise be unable to have access to all these on their own.

The success of the contract farming model has encouraged Suguna to carry such innovative approaches to other areas in backward integration, such as corn farming where Suguna practices ‘Contact Farming’. Experts from our corn division encourage farmers to grow corn, explain the benefits and the know-how, and educate them in scientific farming methods to help increase their yield. Suguna offers a buy back guarantee, so that the farmer gets a better price for his crop. This way, Suguna procures 4 lakh tons of maize p.a. from farmers in Karnataka alone, which equals to approximately 2.5 lakh cultivated acres, directly benefiting at least 50,000 farmers.

Through this direct procurement, Suguna also assures farmers fair prices and enormous savings by way of transparent transactions and quick payments.

Suguna also indirectly adds value to rural farmers and suppliers in other ways, such as purchasing supplies and providing direct and indirect employment. Suguna purchases raw materials worth more than Rs.1000 crores per year. Suguna has a strong SCM (Supply-Chain Management) Division which constantly focuses on setting up direct contact with small and medium manufacturers. It works with them to bring their standard on par with international quality standards, and then sources raw materials from them. This focus ensures manufacturers get better prices for their materials and Suguna gets better quality.

Suguna has a multifaceted and talented workforce that brings puts cutting-edge perspectives to practice. This 7500+-strong employee base grows and prospers along with Suguna through endless opportunities for learning and self-development that play major role in shaping the careers and lives of many people. Suguna’s vast infrastructure provides employment to skilled and unskilled workers and professionals from urban, semi-urban and rural areas. Suguna’s strong belief in promoting employees from within the organisation, has ensured good career succession plans and growth opportunities for people with basic educational qualifications who have developed their skills and knowledge on the job. Today, several people in the middle and senior management have risen from within the ranks. Suguna also encourages employees’ children through special educational initiatives in the form of awards and incentives.

Suguna celebrates 35 plus years of good health and great taste. Suguna’s focus on creating nutrition-enriched products brings to the society, healthy and wholesome chicken adhering to international standards, and yet, affordably priced. Not only just this, Suguna has also launched value added products that include value added eggs, hygienic chicken retail stores, frozen chicken and ready to eat heat n eat home meal replacements. All backed by the Suguna promise of quality and purity.

The stringent quality controls means that every single product manufactured by Suguna adheres to international standards assuring you 100% healthy and hygienic chicken products. A strategic forward integration into retail and foods through value added products means quality products that reach the consumer's table with the added convenience of easy preparation and less cooking time. Giving the consumer better value for money.

We are energizing rural India and are proud to say that our vision has come a long way. Today, suguna reaches the height of 8700+ crores turnover.
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Research & Development
Suguna’s R&D initiatives are driven by highly qualified and experienced poultry experts including nutritionists and veterinarians. These initiatives over time have helped establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
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An environment that encourages independent thinking and continuous learning, Suguna’s people practices allow every individual contribute to the growth of the organization and the poultry industry
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Press Release
Know what’s being said about us in the Media.
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Suguna has created successful brands that reach the consumer in many formats. Well recognized for its quality Suguna’s brands are fast becoming a favorite of many Indian households.
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