Suguna leaves no stone unturned in its commitment to deliver products of the highest quality. In poultry integration, infrastructure becomes the backbone of the operations. A well established infrastructure supports the poultry operations end-to-end, resulting in quality control and optimized productivity.

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Suguna leaves no stone unturned in its commitment to deliver products of the highest quality. In poultry integration, infrastructure becomes the backbone of the operations. A well established infrastructure supports the poultry operations end-to-end, resulting in quality control and optimized productivity.

The infrastructure at Suguna includes GP and parent farms, feed mills, environmentally controlled sheds (EC Shed), hatcheries, modern processing plant, large base of commercial contract farms, R&D centre, disease diagnostics and feed analytical labs, ERP driven information technology systems and an effective supply chain with its own fleet of vehicles. Suguna has made significant investments overtime that helps you, the farmer, to leverage and benefit the most.


Suguna supports you and its ever growing family of over 30,000 farmers through its hatcheries. As India’s leading poultry integrator, Suguna opened its first state-of-the-art hatchery in Sadayapalayam, Tamil Nadu and has expanded hatchery operations across the country. Company owned hatcheries are located at Palamner near Chitoor, Narsapur near Hyderabad and Vani in Mahrashtra. Suguna also has leased hatcheries across the country to ensure continuous supply of chicks to the farmers in specific regions. This consistent focus helps in improving the hatching capacity significantly.

Suguna’s state-of-the-art hatcheries help produce and deliver the healthiest chicks with maximum potential for growth and optimum feed conversion rate (FCR). Further, uniformity in bird size is taken care along with adaptability and livability. Suguna’s team of experts ensure that the eggs are hatched in fully computerized temperature and humidity controlled state of the art setters and hatchers from world renowned Pas Reform of Netherlands and Petersime from Belgium.

Feed mill

Suguna has set up India's largest feedmill at Hoskote near Bangalore. With a capacity of 2000 metric tons per day, this fully automated feed mill produces specialized pellet and crumble feed especially to cater to Suguna's own needs. This state-of-the-art feed mill has a capacity of 80 TPH and expandable to 140 TPH, and is built with an investment of Rs. 5500 Lakh. This modern feed mill will benefit about 2000 farmers in Karnataka while providing direct employment to over 800 people and indirect employment to about 2000.

Poultry feed being the major input in the poultry production accounts for 70% - 80% of the total production cost. With the poultry industry in India ready for a rapid growth, availability and cost can become critical influencing the production costs and the overall quality of the product. With this keen understanding and foresight, Suguna, through its 48 feedmills assures you receive highest quality of feed in a timely manner and in adequate quantities.

Suguna’s feedmills are automated with inbuilt facility to store maize and soya in steel silos. The finished product and other ingredients are further safely stored in the godowns. Pelleting system, parallel mixer and grinding systems are automated through logic controls. The end product is handled automatically from bagging to loading.

The feed produced in Suguna’s completely automated mills meets the highest hygiene and environmental standards. The key types of feed produced at Suguna’s feedmills are:

Mash: a blend of several feed ingredients, grinded to a small size but not to a powder

Pellets: small kernels of compressed mash, causing birds to eat the whole blend, not pick and choose

Crumbles: pellets broken up into smaller pieces

Processing Plant

Suguna’s HACCP certified processing plant employs the best-in-class technology and equipments. The plant is situated at Udumalpet, Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, India. The processing plant is amongst the most modern and technologically advanced units in India with an operational capacity to process 36000 birds per day and 1500 metric tonnes per month.

Approved by the government for exports the plant is closely monitored by Export Inspection Agency (EIA) and Meat Food Products Order (MFPO) by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India.

With Suguna, you can be sure that you have partnered with the best of technology, experts and processes.

Environmentally Controlled Sheds (EC shed) at Madurai

Suguna Poultry opened its first fully environmentally controlled (EC) commercial broiler shed at, Thirumangalam, Madurai. Being the first technologically advanced shed of its kind in India, has a capacity to house 32,000 chickens. The total farm capacity is 192,000 chicks p.a. (in 6 batches). The farm is automatically controlled through advanced climate control systems. Optimal temperatures and humidity levels are programmed into the system and it maintains the conditions round the clock. In addition, the entire feeding and watering systems are fully automated. The entire farm is operated and controlled from a single computer-based system.

Advantages of an Environmentally Controlled shed:

  • Improved feed conversion ratio
  • Better quality bird meat
  • Increased productivity and health of the chicken
  • Reduced mortality
  • One extra batch (or cycle) per year per shed
  • Fully system controlled with no manual controls
  • Records can be stored and retrieved for 5 years

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

At Suguna, our aim to provide quality products is a constant driver of all our processes. With this focus comes the challenge of identifying and recruiting the best-in-class suppliers for all our requirements. A dedicated Supply Chain Management (SCM) team works round the clock to identify potential suppliers and procure the required high quality raw materials in a timely manner. With stringent quality specifications and measures, Suguna’s SCM division is driven to optimise cost and productivity by sourcing the quality raw materials at the best possible price. Suguna provides a lot of support to its chosen suppliers, from training small manufacturers in know-how to match the high standards, and by making prompt payments in a transparent manner.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Suguna is the first Indian poultry company to successfully implement Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP system. The enterprise applications suite is provided by a global software vendor who also manages the automation of other key business processes.

Suguna’s vision and focus has always helped leverage information technology and reap extended productivity by streamlining process. The timely implementation of the ERP system supports all current and future growth requirements. Information systems extends across the network of corporate, regional, branch offices including GP and breeder poultry farms, hatcheries, broiler farms, feedmills and transportation centres.

Research and Development (R&D)

Suguna has a strong Research & Development division comprising in-house and on-field trial units. The main focus of this division is to bring out the best performance in the broiler, broiler breeder and layer birds with particular focus on improving feed conversion ratio (FCR). Feed conversion ratios are aimed for an optimum economic feeding regime and developing appropriate & pre-eminent management practices from time to time. The division has to its credit the achievement of identifying and standardizing good management practices for birds in India’s tropical climatic conditions. In addition, the R&D team has achieved standardization of nutritional specification for the breed for different seasons, build up dressing and breast meat yield percentages. Also, the R&D team has effectively increased lean meat production in broiler birds and maximized layer productivity with highly saleable eggs.

Pharma Division

Suguna has its own Animal Health Products division located at Tamilnadu & Pondicherry. Suguna AHP division is manufacturing and marketing a large basket of formulations of Livestock Feed supplements such as vitamin Premixes, mineral supplements, Herbal products,enzymes,emulsifiers, Probiotics, Prebiotics formulation and electrolyte in powder.AHP division takes care of complete poultry and meets the demand of livestock covering technology intensive products. The Suguna AHP division works closely with the expert R&D team which is approved by DSIR.

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